Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Help us Protect Women's Health and Privacy

Tomorrow at 8:30am the Senate Education and Health Committee meets to vote on two bills introduced by Democratic Senators that would overturn Virginia's forced ultrasound bill.  Virginia Republicans last year passed a bill mandating an abdominal ultrasound before an abortion even if the woman did not want one or her doctor did not think it was medically necessary.  

Now is your chance to let the Republicans know what you think and help us protect women's health and privacy.  Call the offices of the Republicans on the Education and Health committee or come to the open committee hearing tomorrow morning at the General Assembly Building (right next to the state capitol in Richmond).

Senate Democrats also have bills overturning Gov. McDonnell's abortion clinic regs that could force some clinics to close. A bill to protect Virginia women's right to contraception will also be heard. 

Last year Virginia Republicans went too far.  This year let's show 'em they need to stop moving Virginia backwards.

Donald McEachinVA Senate Democratic Caucus Chair